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    General Rules
    • Use basic roleplaying knowledge.
    • Staff is here to help. If there is no rule listed or its specifications, staff may tell you what is and isn't allowed.
    • Spamming of any kind is not allowed.
    • Do not staff the staff members.
    • Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, change names, etc. to get out of a roleplay/staff situation. This will result in a temporary/permanent ban.
    • You may not vote demote while the staff is online.
    • Do not break NLR.
    • You may not destroy other player's entities without a valid reason. (i.e. raiding or stealing)
    • Harassment is not allowed and will result in a ban if found harassing players/staff members!
    • Do not break Mayor’s Grace. Mayor’s Grace is a 10 minute period that starts when the mayor is first elected, during this period of time you may not harm the PD or the mayor. (You may kill/damage the mayor if he shoots you first.)
    • Base your RP off of your job description.
    • Driving Rules
      • No CDM (do not randomly run someone over).
      • Follow all North American driving rules.
      • Breaking driving rules is NOT against the rules, but IT IS against the law! So watch out for police.
      • Speed limit everywhere = 25mph
    Basing Guidelines
    • You may not base on/cut off roads.
    • Keypads/buttons to a fading door must be clearly identifiable and visible next to the door it fades/controls.
    • Blackout bases are not allowed. (Blackout bases are defined as bases with no direction once entered. The entrance and exit must be clearly visible at all times.)
    • You may not have fading doors stack on each other. You must be able to individually keypad crack/lockpick each fading door.
    • You may only have 2 fading doors for your entrance, and 6 fading doors total for your base.
    • You may not set up toll booths/checkpoints/walls/etc.
    • Crouch, jump, parkour, puzzle, or maze bases are not allowed. Your base must have a simple entrance with no advantages.
    • Structures found to be too large may be requested to be removed by staff members.
    • KOS Signs must show a bases property line. (Loitering, and talking players on the opposite side of the KOS border cannot be killed for their annoyance.
    • You may not claim the sidewalk as property. You may not have a KOS sign stating "KOS ON SIDEWALK".
    • "Building" signs protect a house from being raided. You may not contain raidables in your home while under a "Building" sign.
      • Raidables include any consumable entity such as printers, drugs, weapons etc.
    • One-way shooting is not allowed (Shooting from positions a perpetrator cannot shoot you back from) One-way VIEWING is allowed (Walls that are see-through)
    • You may not FDA/Fading Door Abuse. (Using your fading door binds in an RP situation)
      • Fading doors have to be a minimum of 5 seconds.
    Adverts/Cooldowns/Organizations (Parties)
    • You must advert before commiting a raid/mug/warn etc.
    • Universal binds are not allowed! (Multiple adverts in one)
    • You must advert "RAID" before raiding a home. You must wait FIVE MINUTES before doing another raid. FIFTEEN MINUTES for the same home.
    • Squads may advert "PARTY RAID" letting all party members raid together. Anyone involved is placed under cooldown.
    • Raids may not exceed ten minutes. You may not camp out the raid timer.
    • Raids must be adverted outside homes. You may not raid hobos.
    • You must advert "MUG" within your advert. You must specify what you want from the victim within your advert. Mugging amounts cannot exceed $3,000.
    • You may mug every TEN MINUTES on individual players. TWENTY MINUTES on the same player.
    • FearRP applies in all muggings. You may refuse to drop money, but may be killed for refusing.
    • You may only steal once per five minutes. You may not steal players entities such as weapons, printers, drugs etc. on spawn. (YOU MUST ADVERT STEAL)
    • You may only counter crimes if you are a Neighborhood Watch or Government official. (Raiding, Mugging, Kidnapping, Stealing, etc.) (YOU MUST ADVERT COUNTER)
    • You may Warn players to step away from you if they are following you, trying to disturb you, or on the property you or your party members own.
    • You must advert "WARN" three times before acting upon your warn.
    • You must advert "KIDNAP" before taking your victim. You must wait TEN MINUTES before doing another kidnap and FIFTEEN MINUTES on the same player
    • You may only take a maximum of $10,000 from your victim, in order to release him.
    Government Official Rules:

    • You may only base in the PD with other CP members. All CP must have access to all doors in the PD. You may only party with other CP.
    • You are not allowed to have illegal items (Printers, Weed, etc)
    • You are not allowed to KOS players for breaking the law, only AOS. If you or another CP member is damaged, you may KOS.
    • CP must advert "CP RAID" and have a valid warrant before raiding a property. Proper warrant reason includes but not limited to: Illegal items in a base, kidnapped. etc.
    • CP Raids may only last ten minutes. CP must wait five minutes in between raids and ten before raiding the same base location.
    • Checkpoints/Tolls are not allowed.
    • Any illegal items confiscated during a raid must be destroyed.
    • CP may arrest anyone at any time (even with no mayor) if they see illegal activities. You may not arrest other CP, this is FailRP.
    • Illegal Activities include but are not limited to Raiding, mugging, kidnapping, carrying illegal items, conducting hits, etc. Self-defense is not illegal.
    • You must warrant a player in order to weapon check them. Resisting only counts if the player runs after he gets warranted.
    • Old Drillers/Refineries are permanently legal and can not be made otherwise.
    Job Rules:
    • You must actively do your job according to its description.
    • You are allowed to possess weapons (under a Gun License).
    • Drugs and Printers are illegal no what laws are being displayed, but are allowed to be used by any job under the Civilian class/category.
    • You must actively guard the bank.
    • You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc.
    • You may only self-supply to provide a way to defend yourself.
    • You must actively sell product.
    • You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc.
    • You must actively guard people and their stuff for money.
    • You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc.
    Mayor’s Daughter:
    • Constantly annoy the mayor for money. (NO MIC SPAM)
    • You may play music through your mic for tips, but you must be stationary. (You may not play ear rape)
    • You may not carry any weapons other than your feces.
    • You may not own property. You may not have large structures. You must build a small shack on the side of the road.
    • You may not own/store any valuables of any kind.
    • Props may not block NPCs, doorways, entrances to bases, etc.
    • You may not place your shack near anyone’s property. (This is to keep noise level down from others basing)
    • You may only base in the PD.
    • You may have checkpoints in the PD to check for illegal items/weapons.
    • You may call for PD backup during a PD raid if you are still alive. CP may return to an area after being called for backup only once.
    • Laws may not conflict with server rules.
    • Bail may only be up to $100,000.
    • Unarrest Batons are permanently legal and cannot be made otherwise.
    • The Mayor can be killed for high taxes (over 30%)
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