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    First starting out on the server may seem a little intimidating at first, but it's actually quite easy.

    One of the most frequently asked question on any server is in accordance to what the end goal may be. Well the goal for every player is to become the richest and most influential individual on the server; whether that's from building up your reputation or your bank account. Your bank account though will play a huge part in how you advance within this community, and how you handle it could either make or break your career.

    Here's how to play! -

    Character Customization:

    We offer a large variety of clothing options for players. When you first join the server you will be prompted with a Character Customization screen that will require you to enter your RP name as well as what you want you character to look like. DO NOT WORRY though as you can change your characters appearance later on.
    • These are the select locations in which you can change your appearance -
      • Hospital - Surgeon (Change your character's physical appearance, such as eyes, skin color and face model.)
      • Clothing Store - Appearance and Clothing Vendor (Change your character's pants, shirts as well as hats and backpacks!)
        • The previous locations will either be marked with a Red Cross or a Shopping Cart. (Scroll down for information on Glorified Map)
    Glorified Map:

    An easy way to find where you need to go!
    • Glorified Map can be access by pressing M on your keyboard. (Press M)
    • The map contains all important location for RP purposes.
    • Specific events can trigger automatic waypoints for specific jobs within government and civilians.

    Crafting & Mining:

    Many ways to help support the economy and further advance your character in this Semi-Serious environment is to Craft and Mine. It's a really simple system.
    • Inventory (Press P) - This will give you access to an Inventory menu that also shows available "on-person" blueprints that you can craft.
      • Craftable "on-person" Items: Pickaxe, Crafting Table... (WIP)
    • Shop NPC - This NPC will be spawned somewhere randomly on the map (usually near a lot of rocks) and will have available resources/materials for you to purchase in order to help expand your craftable advancements.
    • Storage NPC - This NPC will be placed near the GM car dealership for you to store available items in your inventory. (This just gives you some extra available slots)
    Crafting is going to be the only way to acquire High Tier firearms such as Desert Eagles, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, etc.

    Money Printing:

    Money Printing has always been a big part of Roleplay servers, but in Anoma Gaming it has been heavily nerfed, so you need to grind for your money.
    • 1 Available Tier Printer for "regular users" and extra Tiers will be available for donators (VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+) - Though those users will have more Tiers, they will lose access to previous printers to keep from printer stacking.
    Car Dealer & Auction House:

    Additional features to our roleplay server.
    • Buy and Sell vehicles purchased from the Vehicle Vendor aka Car Dealer.
    • Selling vehicles will give you only a cut percentage of what you paid (20-50% range).
    • Vehicles CAN NOT be customized by regular player, but donators will receive this option.
    • In order to drive another vehicle, you must return any owned vehicles that are outside of the Car Dealer.
    • Test Driving only lasts for 30 seconds before you are pushed from the vehicle and teleported back to the Car Dealer.
    Black Market Dealer:
    Even though this is a playable job, it's also an available NPC on the map.
    • Player Black Market Dealers have access to cheaper goods than what the NPC has to offer.
    • If the player BMD is NOT ONLINE then the NPC will be the best route to receive contraband items such as Printers, Drugs etc.
    Bank & Stock Market:

    A place to store your valuables!
    • Blue's ATM - an easy interface bank accessible through physical ATMs placed throughout the map.
    • Loan NPC - located inside the bank, can supply user's with some financial assistance to help you get a head start on the competition.
      • Be careful though as using the Loan NPC without any intention of paying off your loan can land you in a sinkhole of debt an will completely destroy your roleplay experience. (Only use if you have a payment plan).
    • Stock Market - interactable Stock Market interface located within the bank allows users to invest in IRL stocks with ingame currency. (Stocks bought and sold on IRL Stock Market schedule)
      • Stock Broker NPC - Helps manage and sell stocks in bulk, allowing an easier way to manage your profits.
    (This page is to be constantly updated)
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