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Nirp Application

Real Name: Andy 

Nickname: Nirp Bolsak

Age: 17

About me: I found the Anoma servers because a couple of friends were looking for a server to play on. Upon playing within Server #2 and #3 for around a few hours, I found myself enjoying them. Within around 1 to 3 weeks, I decided to donate (how I got my platinum rank) as a nod, so to speak, that I thoroughly enjoy the servers. 

Accomplishments?: Donated, made quite a few enemies to "PvP" with, in which I thoroughly enjoy, helped a few new players with the basics and the commands, and even have a positive relationship with GeTroLLed (If you recognize my name, you may be familiar with Pimp Santa, BlackasKnight, and Gimp Santa. pls dont kil us again hehe)

What I plan to do: Since I think of myself as a casual person, I will probably more or less just play with my friends as I do right now. Should I spot a hacker or some toxic person, I will be serious if I need to.

Why I deem myself fit for this position: I'm usually unbiased when it comes to dealing with situations involving two sides, always glad to help the server out whenever possible, and I just like to make sure everyone has fun in the servers. I am also honorable should I be gunned down like the monkey I am :^). I am also pretty active on the forums and in the servers, though I have lost count of how many hours.

Parting words: Should I be accepted the rank of Mod/Admin, a simple list of what I can and cannot do is satisfactory

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Nirp Application - by Nirp Bolsak - 11-06-2016, 08:47 PM

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