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Failure to follow these guidelines will result in instant demotion.

The following guide is for all Anoma Gaming Staff (Mods, Admins, and Managers). This allows staff of the servers and community to know boundaries within the the power hey have. If you have anymore questions on this set of rules, please feel free to email us ""

Basic Rules to Follow:

1. If you are playing survival and are the only admin on, you MUST respond to any admin calls that cause you to leave whatever you are doing no matter what situation you are in. If another admin is on and also surviving, give that admin a minimum of 10 seconds to respond. If they do not, then you are to take over and be responsible for that admin call.

2. You are required to be on the servers for a minimum of ONE HOUR each day unless you have notified Management on the forums that you are taking a Leave of Absence. (If gone for more than a week without notifying higher ups you will be demoted)

3. Do NOT, under any circumstances, abuse your power. If you are caught doing this you will be removed from staff on both servers and the community forums. There is a 0 strike policy here. Management has the right to demote without any questions asked. (Abuse Ex: God Mode whilst playing survival, spawning items for other players, unfairly banning players etc.) You should know what and what not to do so use common sense.

4. Do NOT overuse kits such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and any other donator perks. These kits are solely for the people who supported this community by donating with their hard earned cash.

5. Do NOT abuse TP (Teleport); this command is meant for helping people in need and not to be abused by teleporting back to items that you lost whilst surviving or using it to get to friends or other locations faster. (Those are unfair advantages and anyone caught doing so will be permanently demoted)

6. Do NOT break rules on Anoma or OTHER servers. You are Anoma staff and you represent us as a community. Breaking rules on other servers will result in a permanent demotion.

Banning Rules:

1. When banning other players you must have valid evidence. (If you do not provide valid evidence that "player" will be unbanned until the proper evidence is provided)

2. Players caught talking bad about server staff or community members is a 2 day ban. If it continues it will result in a permanent ban. (Rule #1 in Banning Rules still apply)

3. Permanent Bans should be left to Management or a higher ranking Admin. (Taking matters into your own hands isn't recommended so please ask another staff member their opinion)

Guidelines Subject to change/update overtime so make sure to come back to this page for reference.

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