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Ban appeal

I got banned for "Aimbotting" because today on Anoma #1 I was playing solo and I killed like 5 people alone so because everyone got salty that they lost their items they asumed I have some kind of hacks, or call it "aimbot". This all happened in the airport, I killed 5 people got their gear, made a little base out of the plane and when I got out NSTM admin abused and tped a guy named Bannedmanwalking to me and he killed me with a chainsaw, I had a bed, killed him and got my gear back. After that I started recording but nothing happened, I still have old footage of NSTM being in god mode and having a glitched base. I know it was NSTM who tped the guy because Thorny was AFK at the moment and NSTM wanted to help his good friend get his gear back. NSTM /spy-ed me and everything, he got no evidence of me hacking but he still banned me. I know this post is useless and nothing will happen to NSTM because he's a part of Anoma and he's a good friend of everyone but still I wanted to post this just to show how NSTM is salty ... I always thought he was a chill guy but I guess not... But for whatever I did I just want to apologise to the staff team and everyone who I offended, I wish I could get unbanned and that's all...

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Ban appeal - by Beaky - 10-22-2016, 02:05 AM
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