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Applying For Staff/Admin

My name is:Jt 

My username is:Haydens_Uncle_Jt

I am 13 years old 

I am on Untunred a lot i have 5000+ hours but i am AFK alot i have 3000+ if u take out the afk part.
What im saying is that i am on alot and i can watch over a server alot. I would not abuse powers i would do /spy <name> 
to see if there are any hackers.

I play on (Anoma Survival #1 | Vault |Airdrops | Kits) and i may go on the other servers if i want to play on Washigtion or just play around on the other russia server

What i do for the Community: i reported hackers to nstm i reported a hacker to hayden and Nate.I have seen these hackers and it is hard to get a admin or staff
to help so i want to help with that.

Why i want to join:I want to join because i love ANOMA<3 and that i love these servers and i want to help make them even better and make 
Anoma a Great Community.I wil donate when i get money i will do my best to donate about 10% of it to the servers for anything it needs.
Thats all i have to say about why i want to be a staff or and admin whatever you guys think is best. Hope you guys can get back to me
soon have a goodnight or a goodmorning

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Applying For Staff/Admin - by Haydens_Uncle_JT - 10-14-2016, 02:37 AM

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