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my staff app

Real Name: Ricky 

Nickname / Alias: Two two. in game name TwoFool

Age: 15

About me: I am a mature player and have a funny personality. Along with that i am always active and will not miss anything on anoma. but i play hockey so i may not be on as much on the weekends but i am on all week 

What have I done for the community: what i have done to help the community is. on anoma 4 i help i new player by showing him how to tp and go prone i was nice about it. than we cut down trees and i help him make a small wood base by the deadzone. after that day he became a skilled player

What can I do for this community: for this community i can to a whole lot like help the beginners who don't know much about anoma or unturned in general. as i pvp i will keep my eye out for any raided bases and /rekt them if i can. but in all all i car about is helping people and making all the anoma server clean and perfect.

Why I think I am fit for the position: i think i am fit for this position because i am responsible when dealing with things such as glitches,glitch bases or any hackers that try to sneak past battle eye. i also think that i would be fit for this position because i would be a nice active admin that helps when needed or not needed. i have been playing on anoma for a long time and i feel that i want to help it be even better than it already is. in other words help help help

Last Words: my last words are i would love to join the fight and help make anoma a amazing place. well make it better because it already is the best pvp server.        PS i am familiar with all rocket plug-ins that are in anoma [Image: smile.png]

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