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My Ataff Application For Moderator

Real Name: Ricky 

Nickname / Alias: in game name TwoFool

Age: 15

About me: IN-GAME: well there is not much to say i have been on anoma since...well i do not know how long but i do know that i have been around for a while now. iRL: in my IRL life again not much to say i am a athlete i play hockey on the weekend so my life is school Unturned Hockey i am always on all week usually from 2:30-9:30 or 4:00-10:30 but anyway i am on all the time.IN-GAME: i am commonly on anoma or playing CS-GO but most of my time is on anoma IRL: again my life is simple eat sleep Unturned hockey school.About me: my personality is again very mild calm,funny (at times Big Grin),talkative,friendly and not-salty.IRL: i in NY By the ocean and love to fish. IN GAME: i like CSGO but not as much as Unturned i only play it when i am craving it so it is a game just there, so when i feel like it i will play it. well that's it i wish it can be longer but i do not have much of a crowded life i hope that was enough INFO  Wink

What have I done for the community: what i have done to help the community is. on anoma 4 i help i new player by showing him how to tp and go prone i was nice about it. than we cut down trees and i helped him make a small wooden base by the deadzone. after that day he became a skilled player. also any time i am on there is always someone who asks questions and i always answer them. there was one time that a kid had gotten banned for glitching, and someone said "he was not hacking why did he get banned by battle eye" and i answered by explaining that when someone gets banned and any time they try to join it says The player (name) has been banned by battle eye, as a joke. so then he realized.  other then that i have always been nice to the community and i don't think i have ever ignored a question. i have also helped the head admin GetroLLeDBro in finding glitches and rule breakers.

What can I do for this community: for this community: well for this community i can basically do what i have been doing but with moderator permissions i will be able to do 1000 times better because when i do see a rule breaker i would be able to take necessary action with out bothering a admin witch i have seen 50000 rule breakers when the admins are not on i have seen people get in it arguments that contain a countless amount of swears and other profanity in it all when admins where not on. i could have banned the people that needed to be banned in a heart beat and even when admins are on they still do it. i also know of all the ways people can gt in to glitches so i would be able to patch them with sandbags or plates.  if i miss one thing take my rank away because i have confidence that i won't. 

Why I think I am fit for the position:  i think i fit for this position because i know what to do in all different situations and know i lot about being staff now i know what you are thinking so are the other admins but i would be different in a way like no other admin/mod. because i know how to patch glitches and other thing before they even happen. another reason why i think i am fit for the rank of moderator is i am kind and intelligent Admin and know a lot about Rocket and all the plug-ins. and unlike a lot of the Admins i play on all of the server so i spend 3 hours on each server a day. when a lot of the other admins/mods spend there time on one or two servers. i also think i am fit for the mod rank because i have much experience in being staff i have banned over 20 hackers and found over 40 glitch bases on a server i little bit smaller then anoma but i know i am ready for anoma witch is bigger then the smaller ones i have been staff on. i have proof of all the hackers that i have banned on that server on my profile. so i know where all the glitch locations are. i know that banning hackers is a rear thing now but there are still other reasons the ban. and there will always be glitchers and rule breakers and i am ready to help enforce them. Angel

Last Words: my last words are I know i am read i have been ready for a while and i hope you know that i am ready because i know what i am doing and i feel like just with the simple role as a moderator i can do a whole lot.      PS i am fimiliar with all rocket plug-ins in the Anoma server    Thank you for reading i wish my self the best of luck. [Image: smile.png]

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