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Staff Application (for Community Moderator)

Big Grin 

Real Name: Joe (i perfer Joey)

Nickname / Alias: Joey, or Jojo

Age: 15

About me: I grew up in rhode island and moved to florida when i was four, i moved into a country

house and have been living here for the past six years now. Two years ago my parents got divorced 
and i handled it pretty well and my parents still get along. I enjoy gaming, watching anime, and youtubers such as jacksepticeye and markiplier.

What have I done for the community: Well i have not been on for to long but i have helped a

few new players out, i have seen some not very nice players and when i went to tell a mod/admin
there was none so i thought oh ill sign up myself and here i am.

What can I do for this community: I think i can help/watch the players on the server while other staff

are not online.

Why I think I am fit for the position: I IRL have always been a helper mostly with my mom while 

she is out cleaning, i hate havinf so many mean player that Kill on sight, so i would be a ''friend/helper
to fresh spawn or noobies.

Last Words:

I hope you choose me but if anyone else seems to be a better pick than i wont be a butt hurt, dont just pick me because you pitty my story ok? I`ve never been a mod/admin so its kinda my dream to be one

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