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RE: Applying for Staff!

Applying for Moderator.

Real Name: Kozan B. Kohru

Nickname / Alias: Kozan

Age: 15

About me:

What have I done for the community: In the server I helped some of the players, Specially those kind players. Helping them to gather woods, and helping them on the commands they needed.

What can I do for this community: If I can become one of the staffs in this community I can help out the server to grow up and get more players. I applied because of the players that are TOXICS and abusers like glitches and more.

Why I think I am fit for the position: I think I am fit for just moderator, it is because I just want to warn those people that abuse and those Toxics that makes other player leave the server.

Why I think I am fit for the position: I prefer that I fit for Moderator team, It is because I want to go around the server and Moderate it, I want to fix all the issues and stuffs, I just want to go and help out the server so it can be better and great. And as of, And as of earlier when I was playing on Anoma#3 there is 1 guy named "Halfie", I do not suspect him a Hacker, But everywhere We/I go, They kept finding us. I did not apply to just abuse the permissions of it. and as of I wanted to help the players that have seen a bug/glitches on the game/server and make it better as possible. So yeah! and even if I got accepted or not its fine though, Its even my first time to become a staff on Unturned Community!

Last Words: So yeah! I hope to help out the server soon! and I applied because I never seen any admin online often. Haha.

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