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Glitchers on Anoma 2

Story (Long); So recently I joined Anoma 2 and I met this player Lard who is the most hated player on Anoma 2 because all he does to people is scam and betray constantly, So I land my helicopter on liberator whilst I quickly go buy some snowball grenades and hockey masks for my team, whilst I'm there I see my name in area chat and I have to quickly go afk for a while as I return I see people jumping on my helicopter, I didn't care at first until I saw Lard, Snicker and Zaizun trying to glitch it.

Story (Short); Players Crawled under my helicopter and glitched it after I killed his entire team at the military base.

Reported Players;
Lard     -
Zaizun  - Waiting for him to log on.
Snicker - Waiting for him to log on.

Evidence of them getting under my helicopter and flipping it by tpa'ing, He also admits and says he doesn't care he'll get his friend to do it, Basically his alt account.

Lost Items;
8 Full Wardrobes and 476 experience in library

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