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why is every1 hating on us?

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So u know it starting to seem like admins are very biased for players they know and don't like some players.

Just some pictures of our proof

Nate, me and my bois were playing and we came across this glitched base. I don't have pictures of the actual base but nate knows.
[Image: digger.png]
But all u did was give them a warning and blow up there base. U even let them pick up there stuff (but we killed them before they could)

I'm not 100% positive about this one but my friends said they have been in it
[Image: Untitled.png]
So nate and yegac just gave them a warning too. But he said that u blew there base up after too.

This one isn't that serious but,
[Image: chatbox.png]

But u know when we have a rock in our base, and ill say it again, we cant fix the rock. Our base is touching it. And anyone who builds a base here, no matter how u make ur base, this rock will be in the cove.
[Image: rock.png]

So yea these are just a couple of examples I don't have anymore. But admins please stop hating on my m8s. Also we are mad because we turned off the generator so the admin wouldn't get shot, so after lemon (the one that reportedly got us banned) raided our base with 40+ lockers. and full metal. It wuz pretty sexi.

One of the admins said we aren't getting unbanned because one of us called him a retard, but like fr its not that insulting and it was one of us (not me) so we should all not get punished.

But like fr all me and my friends are doing is trynna play but we r getting a lot of hate.

fr=for real

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