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My freind banned for XDDD? Fair?

Before i start please note i am NOT Anoma staff (meaning nothing i can say can change something. Only here to try and help you out)

If the admins say that he was being disrespectful, then most likely he was being this way.

GeTroLLeDBro  Post:
  •    Dont disrespect any admin or the admin team. PERIOD  *If you do have a problem with an admin, please do contact any other admin. Best way is to contact @GeTroLLeDBro or join our AnomaDiscord @ : 
  •   Please do not use slur words in chat. We , admins , understand you may get mad. But please try to common sense. *If caught , we will ban you for 3-7days. Depending on the admin* 
  •   DO NOT SPAM IN ANY CHAT *If we see you spam in any chat, we will kick you at first and if you come back doing it again, we will ban you for a day or two.*
put that in there so you can know there is a "rule" towards this. Also he could have done one of these three things to get this ban.

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