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Rules Overall

Hello everyone,
This will be a rule book xd... 
Please do follow it or you get vac xd.
  • Dont disrespect any admin or the admin team. PERIOD  *If you do have a problem with an admin, please do contact any other admin. Best way is to contact @GeTroLLeDBro or join our AnomaDiscord @ : to find me*
  • Admins are ALLOW to PVP. There is no such thing as no PVP Admin. *The only time an admin wont PVP is when someone reports something within the server, for example, glitch bases. They will stop PVP, go into GOD and MAYBE VANISH to help out. 
          BUT if you lie to an admin saying there is a problem and you want them to TPA and kill them, we will ban you for a day or two. Depending on your group size.      Another way, you would know if an admin is not PVP or is off duty is by their name. For example, "RestartingServer" or "CleaningUpRaidedBases" You can tell what the admin is doing.
  • Please do not ask another admin to unban you when you are rightfully ban. *If you complain about your ban to another admin or lie about something you did and say you did not to get unban , we will extend your ban. NO QUESTION ASK. But if you believe you did not wrong, make a post about it or just speak to @GeTroLLeDBro via discord*
  • Admins WILL NOT and CANNOT admin abuse. *Admins CANNOT spawn anything for anyone. If an admins tp's to you, there is a reason, do not assume admin abuse right away. For example, if you are using hacks and the spy command does not pick it up, we will tp to you and watch you... If an admin tp's you to somewhere, it means an admin will like a word with you. If you do happen to tp out or leave the servers, you will get a 7 day ban.*
  • Please don't glitch base... If you are caught doing it , you will be punish with a 2 day ban. If you are caught base glitch and killing people inside you base, it will be longer. Admins will get final words. NO QUESTION ASK *We WILL NOT care if it's your friends base or not. We see you, you're out. If you do happen to see a glitch base, please contact an admin so we can handle it , and the admins will give you all the loot in that base*
  • Please don't make a mega base aka Great Wall Of China or any sort. *Making a foundation base is a different story, but we do not want people making walls that are 20x20 and covering up the place. If we find any that are just spam, we will remove them , even if your base is inside...*
  • Do not impersonate anyone or an admin. *If someone tells an admin there is someone with the same steam name or ingame name , we will ask you to change. If you do not, we will two day ban you. Same group or not. No questions asked*
  • Please do not use slur words in chat. We , admins , understand you may get mad. But please try to common sense. *If caught , we will ban you for 3-7days. Depending on the admin. Try to find a loophole or being smart will get you ban. For exmaple, spelling it out or replacing letters.*
  • Please do not switch groups to sabotage someones hard work base or to gain an advantage. *We can not really do anything about this, but if it gets to a point where we , admins , get enough report for this person to pull a dirty trick , we will have to ban you up to ten minutes or a day. To fix this problem, please kick the person or put your group on private* 
  • DO NOT SPAM IN ANY CHAT *If we see you spam in any chat, we will kick you at first and if you come back doing it again, we will ban you for a day or two.*
  • Please don't hack... *If you believe someone is hacking, please report it through a form. If there is no evidence , the admins will not look into it right away. If there is evidence or video proof, the admins will look over it right away."
  • Best way to contact an admin is in our discord @ . You can see the admins list on the right hand side. 
            Not the best way to contact an admin is not on the website, due to all the applications. 

  • This is all I can think of right now, please do contact @GeTroLLeDBro if you wish to add more rules or what rules can be change.Thank you for following these rules and for playing our servers ! 
- GeTroLLeDBro  Big Grin 

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