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Staff Application

Real Name: My real name Is Eli John Ruppert

Nickname / Alias: My alias is fowoppy

Age: I am fourteen years old

About me: I play soccer and basketball every year, I love to do parkour, write fiction, and of course, play Unturned.

What have I done for the community: In my time on steam, I have created two Unturned maps which I will finish soon. I participate in steam discussions every day.

What can I do for this community: I can stay on a server for hours and monitor and have fun with players. If needed, I have experience with keeping a group tame and free of stress.

Why I think I am fit for the position: In my 760 hours on Unturned, I have been an admin on over five servers. I know the commands left and right and about common item Id's. However, none of this all matters without good leadership. This is where I suspect I am separated from the crowd. I am on Unturned constantly, and I consider myself to be calm and just want to have a good time. I want others to have a good time with me, so I try to make experiences as enjoyable as possible.

My steam:
My email: 
My house: (just thought you might want to see my crib tbh)


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