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Real Name: Sebastian

Nickname / Alias: RazorAboveAll

Age: 15

About me: I'm a person that try to make anything that I feel like that isn't that good better. A person who is an over achiever. Seek to make everything better and make others happy.  A person who get things done and fix any problems as fast as possible. A person who has nothing better to do then playing games and my school work. A person that everyone gets along with and have no problems with me at all and being very chill but serious when getting work done and make sure its right. 

What have I done for the community: I have reported hackers to Nate that I have found or others in the community that's complaining this kid hacking to check em which most of the time its right. Also I have answer question that players had ask  anyone in the community to answer which most of the time they don't.Also I have given some new players better gear and if I do kill them and see that they are new I let them tpa back to get their gear back and something extra from me so they can enjoy the server more and not rage quit.

What can I do for this community: I can make Anoma Survival Servers have less hackers by surveilling the servers constantly and listen to the community to let me know if any are roaming the servers and putting them  on my list of potential hackers. Also give out some of the ideas to make the server more fun or more activities to do that will benefit them in anyway so they can enjoy the server more and spend more time on it and probably donate to help keep it running because they enjoy it.

Why I think I am fit for the position: I think I'm fit for this position because I feel like I can make the Anoma Survival servers more enjoyable and less hackers that will make the players stay more and tell them friends about how great this server is. and have a greater chance of them donating to the servers to enjoy it even more and keep if running.

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