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Admin Application By Infinite

  • Steam Name: Ownage/Infinite

  • Age: 18

  • Rank Wanted: Moderator

  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): Usually later in the day, 5PM-10PM on school nights, 10AM-10PM weekends

  • Time Zone: Central

  • Time (in Hours Total): 300+

  • SteamID6476561198241867540

  • Steam Profile Link 

  • Staff Member(s) That Have Referred Me to Fill out This Application

  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: Nope

  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof: Yes, I have worked through the ranks of a large MineCraft server and eventually got passed down the entire server and managed it for four years. I did all of the plugin work, donations, map building, advertising, staff recruiting, website maintaining, etc.

  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: Hello guys! I'm sure many of you know me already, but incase you don't I'll explain a bit about why I'm re-applying. I was previously a global Admin but due to a mistake I made to my past server so I apply to this server. So here's some information about myself for those of you that don't know me!

    I am currently a Software Engineer/Front-End Developer for 3+ years now. Although I am working full time during the summers I still manage to get around 40+ hours/every two weeks. I also do professional quadcopter (drones as some refer to them by) racing and I enter in many local and national races! 

    One of the main things that separate me from other applicants/staff is my dedication to the server. I am always looking for new ways to expand and grow the server, as well as new things to keep the community happy and more enjoyable for newcomers and even Unturned experts. I spend more time doing staff work than actually playing as I'm sure many of you knew me of doing, and that is because although I love playing Unturned, I love helping the server and making sure others are enjoying the server even more. 

    Why allow me back on the staff team? Well for starters before the mistake occurred I was one of the staff members with the MOST total bans, nearing 300! I would spend all day long checking out the servers and ensuring that they were hacker-free, but now that BattlEye is released that has released a bit of free time. With that free-time I check for glitched bases more often to ensure that players are not exploiting the map glitches. 
The admins would prefer this format

Real Name:

Nickname / Alias:


About me:

What have I done for the community:

What can I do for this community:

Why I think I am fit for the position:

Last Words:
Create a new thread with the aforementioned format and with your responses filled in appropriately. Please use proper English when submitting your application. If you submit one-liners, your application will not be processed.

pls follow this one! ty
Not sure if you know but this is under RP you might want to change that

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