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Why'd you ban me?

So, i was on anoma 4 and i see that my base raided. I join with some of my friends and they tell me that some admins posted the location of our base in chat. Thats the first reason. The second is that i confronted him to tell him why he did that. He kept on saying that my base was "easy" and stuff. He ended up banning me like 3 hours or so i think. My whole group thinks that this is some bul%@hit. Also my friend Iphan123 then confronted him as well and we both got banned. He also wrote that i was banned for "XD".So if you could tell this guy off then that would be great.

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That's prob Yegac or Nate I can maybe see Yegac banned you but so I'm not an admin talk to Trolled Head admin I think he is Idk he is maybe in Discord most times
No, I ban you cause you disrespect me and the admin team.

You said we were all shit and how we abuse.

You kept on following me, making noise when I asked you to stop.

I warned you plenty of times , nicely.

Youre just mad you got raided and you were talking shit.
Now youre just crying cause youre ban
So dont come here, talking shit and then asked to be unban kid.
Your mic is trash
So you will wait until the ban is over or you can leave our server, because we dont want to deal with people who cries over dumbshit.

Thank you.
- GeTroLLeDBro  Big Grin 
Banned for "XD" mhm

i didnt disrespect your team at all. Just you personally

Its some major bullshit that you ban me for disrespect too. And i guess im crying over it. That just doesnt make sense. Also just as a suggestion the admins shouldnt be a normal player in the server because then shit like them spawning in items start to happen. Just as an example theres Gettrolled that literaly said in the server "free stuff at firewatch base like ghillie and stuff"
Oh lel Um Btw if u want to find out there whole team there are all on Anoma it's Yegac,GeTroll,Nate,Dream,Renegade,SwaggyPapa
Whats the discord i wanna speak to them
An probs should tell the truth truth is better than a lies well sometimes but still Truth better than lies
(12-20-2016, 05:00 AM)Slendoza Wrote: This server needs some better admins. Just to be honest. I really want to be admin because of the real bad admins that are on at the moment. My in game name is Slendoza. I think that im a good admin because i hear peoples troubles. My group of friends agree with me. Im 13 of age with a mic. I am a very experienced player that knows much about the game. I feel that i'd be a great addition to the team. I believe this server has great potential. I just want to see this server be the best it can be. The first action ill do is try and get people to play to play the server constantly. With the help of my friends i believe we can do something great. If i get accept i will thrive to make these servers the greatest they can be.

I'm just gonna put this out here, You did disrespect our whole admin team. "I really want to be admin because of the real bad admins that are on at the moment." Do not lie on our forums to our head admin.
I dont care you said that on your form.
Your words dont mean anything to me.

But you said that by voice.
And Nate and I heard it .

So xd right ?


But you are unbanned.
And this is your last warning.
Dont care what you have to say.

Closed Big Grin xd
- GeTroLLeDBro  Big Grin 

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