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My Staff Aplication - LestraBuraz - 01-08-2017

Name: Strahinja (pronounced Strahinyah)

Ingame: LestraBuraz

Reason : I always wanted to be a unturned sevrer staf member. Since the first day of playing the game i ran searches of how to make my own server. Anoma is the place that keeps me warm from salty rage kids of Unturned. It has always been my favorite sevrer and it will allways be. I would like to be staff because i wanna join the fight against glitch bases, hackers and admin abuse. I hope you scope my application out as it would mean a world to me!

Sincerely, Strahinja

RE: My Staff Aplication - Nate - 01-08-2017

If you actually want admin you need to put more effort into this use this format
[*]Community Moderator

[*]Community Administrator

[*]Community Manager

Real Name:

Nickname / Alias:


About me:

What have I done for the community:

What can I do for this community:

Why I think I am fit for the position:

RE: My Staff Aplication - GeTroLLeDBro - 01-08-2017


RE: My Staff Aplication - Ddawg - 01-08-2017



i have 150 hours on unturned

i will be on all the time and ban anyone who is gliching bases/hacking

i wont be mean like other people who want to be admin and just want to abuse

RE: My Staff Aplication - Cheeky Kranky - 01-09-2017

he seems fit 4 the job