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Full Version: Anoma server 1 problems
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Hello, I currently spend most of my time on your Anoma server 1 and it has to be by far the worst community of the three. PvP will always be apart of this game and I hope it stays, but I've seen so many people just building practically un raidable sky bases, and destroying all ones that are not, then PvP being a battle of one person hiding and just /tpa accept spamming when their friends die. Maybe like structure wipe and try to promote RP and implement currency with the balances. Safezone on PEI would be really great for people to trade or too just be able to meet people that aren't just going to murder them. Thanks for reading.
Ummm Pickle,

First, its a PVP server, if you cannot handle the pace , there is different servers we host...
Thats why its call a skybase, you need to build up. They work their butt off to get up there, so if you got a problem with that , no one can help you there....
/tpa is allow, this is your fault if you have a problem with someone hiding, thats why you have to find them , or the people...
We will not do a RP , there are a lot other servers that do RP , you may try Robo , for he is part of Anoma and he would be more than happy for you to join
We will add currency later down the road.

Second, I clean up bases , so there's no worry there.

If your main concerns is pvp , it means you suck xd

So good luck , and maybe get some teammates , if you already have some, get some better one.
Hey there,

I can handle the pace, I'm am hugely geared. And not bad at PvP.
The sky bases are a joke, ruins what the actually map looks like. PvP isn't the main concern and I'm not asking for you too make it RP.
I'm saying theres a reason that everytime the server is up it's hitting really low numbers because you're getting full looted players taking down lower ones and no one else is helping. And you kind of sound like you think I don't like the server.. I have spent so much time on it. I'm actually trying to get more people to play on it because I like it. Take it easy. Also TPA abuse is a thing and it happens so much on all of those servers.
nothing the admins can do about people dying bro
xd "tpa abuse" It takes I think 10 seconds for someone to tp to someone else